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Rudy Mawer:


Rudy Mawer is a serial investor and CEO to multiple brands and manages over 70 staff. Currently, he runs multiple businesses, including a Marketing Capital group with Kevin Harrington, the Original Shark from the TV show “Shark Tank”, where he helped over 50,000 small businesses around the world.

"Everything is possible when you
open your mind"

-Rudy Mawer


Born in Leicester, England, his mother was a gold medalist in triathlon and his father was the triathlon team manager for the Olympic Games.

Other than traveling the world to various Olympic and world championship races with his parents, Rudy Mawer had a fairly standard middle-class upbringing.

He went to school, he played games, and sports, he did all the things ordinary kids do, except with his own flair.

But there was one thing that separated
him from almost everyone else: he was
obsessed with numbers and money.


He liked to play games, especially monopoly. He would always be out to win, imagining it was for real and that he had just struck it rich. Be it monopoly or chess, having his strategy planned out ahead of his opponents was key for him, and, more often than not, it paid off as he usually won!

Soon his passion for winning with fake money turned into a reality when he learned he could sell things to friends in school. He even convinced his parents to open an eBay™ account so he could buy wholesale, then turn a profit selling to friends and other people on the web.


He made pretty good money selling candy, toys, and other little things at a young age until his school banned him from selling during the school break times. Regardless, it was his first lesson in entrepreneurship and his first taste of what it’s like to make real money.

This predisposition led him to study to become a personal trainer at age 16.

Rudy Mawer got his personal training certificate while promoting events at clubs and began to make some serious money for a student of his age.


Soon, when he was off to college, he was promoting club events while working 2 personal training jobs…and still partying almost every night.

He would go to class, go to his personal training jobs, then at nights do club promotions and repeat all over the next morning.

Sure he was busy but he was making money, gaining experience, and gaining the courage to start his first business.

Then, while still in university, he bought 2 properties and rented them for $1,200 each. Now he had monthly recurring revenue from two properties, something that most college kids would only dream of. And he was still working full-time and keeping his grades up.


His professors took note of this. So they asked him if he could teach personal training courses in his university. Of course, he said yes and that’s when his first online business started to come alive.

While teaching, he learned all about online business for a few hours each week. He learned website building and Facebook™ ads and eventually built up his first personal training business online.

He now had all the knowledge from his jobs and the ability to teach others so it was the perfect combination to grow his very first business.


Pretty soon after starting his business, he was ready to graduate college but had something lingering in the back of his mind that he knew he needed to do.

He knew that if he stayed in England, there wouldn’t be as much support or as many opportunities to grow his business as there would be in the U.S.

The U.S. had more business connections, opportunities, and a better mindset towards wealth creation.


So, the day after his final university exam paper, he packed up his bags and moved to Tampa Bay, Florida to complete his Masters in Sports Science.

After completing his Masters, he stayed in Tampa and built his first agency, grew his online fitness business, and developed his VIP marketing agency ROI Machines.

During this time, he was paying to be a part of some of the highest, most well-known, big masterminds all over the country. He began networking, making connections, building relationships, and learned how to offer value to some of the biggest and most influential marketers on the planet.


And at one point, he was managing over 300 employees for multiple 9 figure brands.

This huge opportunity of running big businesses allowed him to hone and sharpen his knowledge of the online business world with seasoned pros.

Of course, he didn’t stop there. He began partnering with WWE wrestlers, NFLTM Super Bowl champions, and a few more big name Olympic athletes. And eventually, he started his second agency which to this day, does over $1 million a month and is one of the fastest growing direct response agencies on the planet.


Through his agency, Rudy Mawer partners with big name celebrities almost
everyone knows, likes and listens to. He’s the man behind their marketing
and the one getting their message out to as many people as possible.


He credits his early ongoing success to his mindset, and thinks anyone can be a millionaire if they learn the right belief system. To him, it all starts with taking action.

He’s also spoken at dozens of events worldwide and appeared on national television to talk about business and marketing.

He credits his early ongoing success to his mindset, and thinks anyone can be a millionaire if they learn the right belief system.

To him, it all starts with taking action.

If you want success you need to get started today. It doesn’t matter if you’re right or wrong, as long as you’re making decisions you are getting closer and closer to succeeding.


Growing up with parents who were athletes, training, working full-time jobs, and raising a kid, Rudy learned early on, what it meant to have a plan, to be decisive, take action and not waste a minute.

His parents didn’t have time to sit around on the couch and watch TV after work. They would be working out or training with their teams.

He is now teaching this same mindset to its 10,000s of students who trust him every day to run their marketing and improve their businesses..

“Just take action on the things you
want to do and more great things
will happen for you.”


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