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Potential Payout from
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Rudy Mawer is an international entrepreneur, investor and expert marketer.

Originally from the United Kingdom, he was awarded an O-1 “extraordinary individual” visa to the United States thanks to his marketing and business skills.

Having built not one, but three multi-million dollar online businesses from the ground up – before the age of 30 – he is regarded as one of the top 5 in the World at converting cold Facebook traffic at scale. 


Rudy has ran marketing strategy & consulted for large Enterprise Fortune 500 brands


More recently, Rudy set up Mawer Capital, a business coaching and accelerator program for entrepreneurs looking to scale their businesses online, and has recently partnered up with Kevin Harrington, the original shark.

4 BIG Reasons To Become A
Mawer Capital Affiliate Partner


Marketing Support

We care about our partners and your success, so we will help strategize a successful promotion and help with marketing materials if required. You will also get access to a dashboard that allows you to see the success of your promotion and track your expected payout. 


Promote Us
With Confidence

Net Promoter Score is used by Fortune 500 companies to measure success of a business. A score of 40 or above is regarded as world class. Our Mastermind has a score of 80! We will wow your audience and help enhance your reputation. 


Earn Unbelievable
Commissions And Fast Payout

We payout 33% to affiliates. With a 33% COG, you effectively get a 50/50 split of NET profits, with a guaranteed payout within 60 days. 

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You will gain access to Rudy’s audience and can present a workshop promoting your products. You have the potential to reach a highly targeted audience and gain more followers, more leads and more sales for your business. 

Our Average Stats And
Your Potential Earnings

Here’s how the numbers look, on average, when we run a workshop to warm traffic:


We are proud to partner with big-name experts including: 


Kevin Harrington

An original “shark” on the hit TV series Shark Tank, creator of the infomercial and co-founding member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization. 


Brian Tracy

Professional keynote speaker, best-selling author of over 80 books that have been translated into dozens of languages. 


You commit to an email and social media campaign:

After your leads sign up, we will:

Workshop Details

Your audience will be treated to a powerful 60 minute training session, presented by Rudy Mawer and co-hosted by you.


Based upon our most successful webinar, the call to action for attendees will be to apply to join Rudy’s Mastermind.


Our expert sales team will then sell attendees into our premium Mastermind.


We have a proven funnel in place to maximize conversions throughout each step of the funnel, including personal follow-ups by our lead appointment setter.


Your audience will be wowed by Rudy’s training and will thank you for giving them the opportunity to attend. 

Partnership Deal

This entire campaign funnel is designed to maximize your profitability.

Everything is tracked through your affiliate link to make sure you get the credit for each sale we generate from your leads.

Plus, you can present your own high ticket product to Rudy’s audience of engaged entrepreneurs.

You can host a live training with Rudy as your co-host, to spread awareness of your brand, your expertise and your high ticket offer.

It’s a win-win for all of us.

You Receive 33% Commissions
Which Is Effectively A 50-50 Split Of Net Revenue, After Our Fulfilment Costs!

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