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The Best Mentorship And Business Growth Opportunity That Exists Right Now For Entrepreneurs!

We Can Help You Succeed In Three Unique Ways


The Mawer Capital Mastermind

Work With Rudy And His Team For 12 Months To Grow And Scale Your Business.

You’ll get personalized attention, a custom roadmap, and weekly calls to keep you on track.

You will be assigned 3 key action steps to complete every week, to ensure you keep to the plan and hit your business goals.

You’ll be part of a small group with 9 other members with similar goals and businesses, so you have accountability and support along the way.

Acceptance into the Mastermind Includes:


Equity Investment & Official Partnership With Rudy Mawer & Kevin Harrington

The entrepreneurs who show the most drive, determination and effort during the 12 month Mastermind will be considered for equity investment.


Should you be successful, you may have the option to partner officially and legally with Rudy Mawer and Kevin Harrington.


Can you imagine the impact it makes when you have Rudy and a “Shark” leveraging their contacts and skills to scale YOUR business?

Here’s how it works:

Not ONLY Would You Benefit From Capital Investment, We Would Provide The Following Extra Support To Take The Business To The Next Level










Facebook™ & Google™ Ads Management Through Our Agency, ROI Machines

Almost every entrepreneur struggles with Facebook™, Google™ and YouTube™ Ads! So let the experts take care of the heavy lifting for you. Rudy’s Media Buyers will take control of your ad accounts to help boost COLD traffic and warm traffic sales!

Saves Time

Running successful ad campaigns is a full time job and requires expertise. When you’re busy running your company you can’t afford to be stuck inside your ad manager all day.

Ensures Quality

When the very best copywriters, designers and media buyers create and manage your ad creatives, it ensures your messaging is on point and resonates with your audience.

Data Driven

Every action we take is backed up by our obsession with data. We set up a data dashboard for your business that lets you visualize the performance in real time as we scale your campaigns.



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