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Appointment Setter:

Appointment Setter:

This position is for a fast pace growing internet info products business. We are looking for a person who will reach out to new and existing leads in order to book appointments for the sales team. They will do this through various forms of social media, internal databases, and cold outreach.

If you’re looking to work for the run of the mill business then PLEASE DON’T APPLY.

People who want to progress with our growing company and can do the below at an exceptional level, then PLEASE APPLY!

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS/ DELIVERABLES (These are duties that are absolute musts and critical to the role): 


  • Place Outbound Calls

    • Appointment setters receive lists of potential clients, as well as sourcing leads. They are responsible for cold calling these potential prospects. They use these calls to determine the overall interest of prospective clients and eliminate clients who aren’t interested.
  • Email/Text Message Clients

    • Appointment setters may also use email to contact clients, both current and prospective, to answer any questions, schedule meetings with a salesperson, or reschedule meetings as needed.
  • Keep Accurate Records
    • When appointment setters contact prospective clients and talk to them about products or services, they keep accurate records of each conversation. They also indicate in these records whether the person is interested or not. Direct client and customer communication
  • Social Media
    • Appointment setters will search leads through varying social media platforms to engage with potential leads and manage communications with these to encourage booking an appointment. 


  • Sales Skills – Since appointment setters are often the first point of contact between a client and a company, they have basic knowledge of sales principles. They also know how to garner interest in the product or service that the company is selling

  • Customer Service Experience – Have previous customer service experience, preferably in a call center environment. However, any kind of retail customer service is usually helpful for this position

  • Data Entry Skills – Skilled at data entry and be able to type at fast speeds with high accuracy

  • Interpersonal Communication Skills – Be able to communicate through both phone calls and emails using interpersonal communication skills in both verbal and written forms

  • Organization Skills – Be highly organized and diligent on completion of tasks with evidence of results.

  • Systems – Be experience in using CRM systems (InfusionSoft, Keap), Google docs and software, communication tools (Zoom, Kixie, Turbodial), and familiarity with social media platforms

Required Education and Experience: 

  • 1-2 years’ experience with lead generation and appointment setting realm
  • Fluent English

Preferred Education and Experience: 

  • Previous experience in E-commerce and internet info products would be beneficial


  • $2,000 base
  • $20 per booked call
  • 3% of all Hight Ticket closes

Any Pre-screening Questions:

  • How many years have you worked as an appointment setter?
  • Why are you looking for this new position?
  • What do you think are the key skills for a successful appointment setter?
  • What separates you from other appointment setters?


Fill in your details and we’ll get back to you in no time.