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Brand & PR Manager

Brand & PR Manager


If you thought this was another boring corp. job post with a long interview process just to hear nothing back, think again…

If you thought your career was going to take years of work and a lot of luck to progress in a unicorn company, think again…

If you thought you had “seen it all” as for local jobs in sunny Florida, guess what?

Think again!

Below you’ll find what is quite possibly the most awesome opportunity to “fast track your career by 10 years” type of job post.

Can you believe it? 

Rudy Mawer and his companies are recruiting – Mawer Capital and ROI Machines is world famous with high level biz partners and brand connections such as Hollywood celebs, Movie stars, WWE wrestlers, big US brands like Pier 1 and RadioShack and his 2 famous business partners – Kevin Harrington from the TV show Shark Tank and Tai Lopez (famous internet entrepreneur).

His first company, ROI Machines is a high-end, boutique digital marketing agency that helps generate tens of Million $ in annual revenue through our clients.

His second company, the one located in Clearwater, on 1150 Cleveland St (near downtown Clearwater), is Mawer Capital Marketing.

Mawer Capital is a marketing content firm that helps over 30,000 entrepreneurs and small businesses al over the world with their online brands, businesses, using facebook ads and advanced marketing methods. Rudy also partners with Kevin Harrington from the TV Show Shark Tank. He visits the office on a regular basis, and Rudy works with him on equity deals exactly like you see on the Shark Tank show.

We have 7 equity deals right now where we are a part owner. 

You can see your maybe soon-to-be future boss’ (Rudy) personality, content and what he does on his IG @RudyMawerLife and learn more about our culture on the mawercapital website and click the CAREERS tab.

Now, Let’s Dive Into The Job…

Title: Brand & PR Manager


Rudy is a very well known entrepreneur in the internet marketing world. He has spoke 150 times and most people in the industry will know of him or have seen him. However, Rudy’s goals are pretty large… in fact he wants to become a billionaire.

To get there, he doesn’t want to be “fairly well know”, he wants to be THE MOST well known in the world in his space.

This obviously isn’t an overnight goal, it’s a 10 year goal.

Your job is to help lead that goal into reality.


We’ve devised a very unique job, it’s not typical, but, nothing we do really is. This job is to manage his “Brand and network”.

Success in this role would look something like this in the first year:

>> Speaking:

Help Rudy book at least ONE BIG speaking gig at a major marketing event per MONTH (he will help you find the biggest events as he knows them – but you must be proactive in making the lists and reaching out etc).


>> Podcasts:
Help Rudy get on all MAJOR podcasts (again, you will have to be proactive at reaching out and highly persuasive and relentless in follow up to make it happen – Rudy has a great story and is well known, so you have a big advantage on all of these items).


>> Brand Content By Modeling Success:
Study the other top 5 people everyday, and tell Rudy and the team what content they are doing, courses, events, and model them all for Rudy’s brand.

>> Maintain Network:
Reach out to Rudy’s top 100 friends and entrepreneurs as him to maintain and improve the relationship. This will include but not limited to sending them basic nice texts, updates, helpful info, gifts for birthdays, etc.


>> Build Dream 100 Network:
Work on Rudy’s dream 100 network with billionaires and celebs. Work to build a connection with a few of them in some way shape or form. It could be building them a free website via our agency, etc. This list is REAL celebs, like Kevin Hart, The Rock (Rudy nearly ran Kevin Harts website and marketing 3 years ago so it’s not as unrealistic as it may sound). 

>> Event Support

Potentially travel with Rudy 1x per month to help at his events (getting photos, managing the event when he’s speaking, etc). This isn’t a MUST if not possible.

>> Social Media Content Production Management
You will work with the design and copy team to help produce daily content for all social media and help manage the social media posts, content and strategy


>> Supporting the Brand

Anything else related to Rudy’s brand – some request may be a little out the box, as Rudy is creative and thats why he’s successful.




Key Points for Role:

> Office 9-5 Monday to Friday (not remote)


> We are all entrepreneurial and don’t just turn off. Some evenings you may have to wrap bits up or get ideas and texts from Rudy. Same for weekends. We are not a corporate 9-5 kinda gig.

> Ideally understands the industry and knows who Gary V, Grant Cardone, etc is.


> Must be super fast and savvy on computers, social media, tech and typing.


> Must be extremely organized and able to manage 100s of moving parts and micro tasks (Rudy’s brain goes 100 miles an hour and you will get continuous ideas and tasks you must arrange and manage)

> Resilient, we are a fast paced company with crazy high standards. We like to operate like the navy seals. We need A-type super fast paced, organized high achievers. You will be pushed to be your best self, and challenged alot.

> Goal is someone commits for 5-10 years to make this reality. Not looking for people wanting to be in this role for 2 years or less.


> Around $3000 per month base (36k per year) (A little flexible – we want the perfect person) with great upside, bonuses and KPIS for key areas above. For example, every major event booked that Rudy wasn;t already going to speak at would give $1000. If you are an A-player, we suspect the role with BONUSES to be around $50,000 per year or more. Obviously your results and bonuses will vary based on performance.  This can also grow as the brand grows. If you are here in 5 years, you could be on $80,000 – 100,000.

> We have a world class culture, performance model, personal development, 1 week retreats every 3 months (in mega mansions on the ocean and Castles (yes really!)

> View our CAREERS page on main site to see case studies, listen to current staff and how the culture is.

Let us know asap. This is an amazing long term role for the right person.

Thank you

Rudy & Mawer Capital


P.s. Make sure you watch this loom overview about the company:


Fill in your details and we’ll get back to you in no time.