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Media Buyer

Media Buyer

Are you a digital marketer and extremely experienced and high level Facebook media buyer who wants a full-time role?

Are you looking for an opportunity to join an entrepreneurial team of world-class marketers that run one of the fastest-growing, full-stack marketing agencies in the world?

Are you experienced and highly confident in managing multiple ad accounts, spending thousands per day in ad spend, scaling multiple Facebook ad accounts to 10k per day each with a high ROAS and positive ROI.

Are you highly experienced in multiple niches and ads for clients in the health/fitness, marketing, ecom, supplements, biz ops, coaching, webinar and more?

Most importantly… are you ready to join a fast-paced environment that moves 10x faster than normal businesses, built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, supporting entrepreneurs in their quest to grow 8 or 9 figure businesses.

If the answer is yes, this could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for…

We need exceptional media buyers that have already spent millions of $ profitably across many niches and industries.

You will work directly with a self-made 2x 7 figure business owner and one of the biggest names in both the fitness AND digital marketing space. He speaks around the world at marketing events on FB ads, media buying, funnels and strategy.



  • At least 3 years’ experience spending millions of $ on Facebook ads.

  • An excellent understanding of ad, digital marketing metrics and how the overall strategy works, plus, how agencies deliver results for their clients. If you don’t know what an upsell is or have never used CBO, you won’t be a fit.

  • The perfect combination of both an understanding of data from ads manager and how that data relates to creative decision-making (basically you will help liaise the data to our creative department explaining what is working with ads).

  • Experience of running multiple accounts at 5k per day in ad spend (proof required)

  • Must be proficient in all aspects of digital marketing, not just Facebook – strategy, copywriting, funnel flows, email automation, etc.

  • Must have experience with the FB pixel, tracking and data analytics.

  • Must have experience with CBO and manual bidding.

  • Extremely professional and able to work and discuss, including bi-weekly video calls with our clients

After a short paid probationary period, there will be an opportunity to take on more clients and a high paying Full-Time Role.


Fill in your details and we’ll get back to you in no time.