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CMO - Large Multi-Million $ Marketing Agency:

CMO - Large Multi-Million $ Marketing Agency:

Hey everyone,

I’m after a full time marketing expert that has an expert overview of funnels, fb ads, analytics, data, copy and direct response.

I need someone to join my team and work as a marketing manager and expert strategist to help my other marketing managers and team get better results for our clients… Many of our clients are large entrepreneurs with businesses from 1 to 100 million.

These businesses are all direct response based, so, you must have a VERY HIGH LEVEL strategy mindset and have already ran successfully 7 figure marketing campaigns. You must follow all the big players in our space, and be able to hold a conversation with me on Fb ads, marketing, strategy and funnels.

Just a little about me… I present around the world for both the fitness/health industry, i’ve also been featured in Inc. Forbes. HuffPost, Men’s Health (and just about every other fitness mag/site). My IG is @RudyMawerLife & you can google me.

You will be on calls with clients, managing projects, our team of 20 staff, work with other marketing managers to improve results of current 15-20 clients, etc.

You will be required to map strategy out for funnels, FB ads plan, copy overview and present it to me as a test – I need to check you are good enough at direct response marketing before anything else.

Here’s an overview of your role, tasks or responsibilities:

– Project manager +20 projects at one time

– Sales copy,

– Help with Sales calls if they require technical questions about funnels etc with my other sales guy

– FB ad management – you must have a track record of managing millions of $ in FB ads and show ad accs,

– High level Email automation mapping and planning,

– High end funnel strategy,

– Funnel management,

– Project managing,

– Managing costs/software,

This role could be for an experienced COO / marketing manager or an expert digital marketer entrepreneur  that’s been trying their own stuff for a couple of years but really hasn’t been able to get their stuff to take off as they can’t find a profitable niche/service and wants to apply their skills into an already profitable 7 figure business and help take it to 8 figures

It would be full time daily and i would want someone who’s 100% focused not doing other bits. Pay would be monthly/hourly and great growth/learning opportunity too.

*Pre warning, we are all pretty hardcore and need someones that matches our vision, goals and work ethic… if you want to do 9-5 on Monday to Friday this is NOT for you. Most of us do later in evenings and most weekends. We tend to do 6 days on, 1 day off, but even on the day off we are checking slack etc.

Pay will be flexible depending on skills, from $25-$50 depending how good you are and how fast you are.

We will boost at 3 or 6 months depends on performance. Some of my staff DOUBLE their base rate within 12 months – massive growth potential.

It’s also amazing to work here, all our staff have a very high happiness rating and say its changed their life and made them a better marketer and person.

So In summary, you’ll be on about $4000 – $7000 a month working full time daily but then can easily add another $2000 if you are EXTRA-ORDINARY and help push our services to the world, grow the agency, get clients and improve retention etc.

I would see this as a 6 figure pay yearly by 12 month mark, if you are are amazing. if you are not, well, you won’t fit in here – we only recruit the top 3%.


Fill in your details and we’ll get back to you in no time.