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Front End/ Integrations Developer:

Front End/ Integrations Developer:

Are you a highly skilled tech manager with experience in WordPress, Clickfunnels and shopify, who has experience running a team, building funnels, integrating with CRMS, payment gateways, upsells etc?

Are you looking for an opportunity to join an entrepreneurial team of world-class marketers, running one of the fastest-growing, full-stack marketing agencies in the world that builds websites and funnels for multi-million $ brands worth 2 to 100 million?

Are you willing to think outside the box, use logical thinking, have a 360-degree perspective, see 5 steps into the future and able to find a proven tech solution in order to get dozens of websites and funnels built every month error free, on time, no matter what?

Most importantly… are you ready to join a fast-paced environment that moves 10x faster than normal businesses, built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, supporting entrepreneurs in their quest to grow 8 or 9 figure businesses?

If the answer is yes, this could be the opportunity of a lifetime that you’ve been waiting for…

Mawer Capital is a high-end, boutique digital marketing agency and we’re looking for a motivated, self-reliant tech manager to work with our team of 8 website/funnel builders and coders.

In this role, you will be responsible for working with our head of tech, handling 20 clients that all have ongoing tech tasks. We have 5 page builders, so your main job will be to manage the tech tasks, work on approvals, post build edits, checking all the key details, signing off on work and the higher level tasks.

This job needs a very unique person that can do 3 key things:

  • Understands tech well, including wordpress, woocom, shopify, clickfunnels and all the random page builders, 3rd party apps, integrations, etc. You must also understand payment gateways, CRM such as Klavyio, Active campaign, etc. and how it relates to funnels and marketing.

  • Understands tech from a marketing standpoint, if you don’t know what a funnel is, this isn’t for you. Our clients have high level marketing businesses, big ecomm brands, and we build a lot of complex marketing automations and strategies. We need someone who can turn our marketing ideas into action with experience, not guess or trying new plugins on clients sites. You must already know what to do, what plugins, how they work on a site, conflicts, etc.

  • Can help manage a tech team and with the competence to handle team members, giving feedback, holding them to tight deadlines, being proactive and figuring out solutions at 2am when stuff breaks and you are responsible for fixing a 40 million $ client website.

You must also have a HIGH LEVEL OF EXPERIENCE in marketing-related plugins, tech stacks and build outs:

  1. Understand Upsells flows and basic marketing flows/funnels 

  2. Understand what an Exit pop and other basic marketing optimization tools are, and how to build them.

  3. All Automations related to funnels, websites etc.

  4. Know the basics of a Webinar funnel, including WEBINJAR JAM etc if possible.

  5. How to build 1 page checkouts with wordpress + CLICKFUNNELS.

  6. Complex CRM set ups and automations across the main platforms -> IFS, Active Campaign, Klaviyo, GoHighLevel, Mailchimp.

  7. Other Key platforms we use -> Shopify, WordPress, Woocom, Clickfunnels

  8. Must have a solid understanding of HTML, CSS, JQuery, Javascript and Liquid. Looking for someone who can work within existing Shopify stores.

  9. Shopify themes and build out custom features for brands. Must be able to build editable components within Shopify to allow the brands to edit the theme on their own. Must have a good understanding of Shopify 2.0 features and how to best utilize them when building themes.

  10. Understanding the apps on the Shopify app store is a huge plus. Knowing the ins and outs of Attentive, Loox and Klaviyo is necessary.

  11. Needs to be able to setup Campaigns and Flow Automations to schedule marketing Emails and SMS.

  12. Shopify Plus, Shopify Script Editor and Shopify Flow and basic Shopify limitations to offer the best support and guidance to our partners.

  13. Knowledge of React and Material UI is an added plus

  14. Being adaptable to help in Elementor, Clickfunnels, Kajabi, Shopify and custom frontend builds is a must.


You MUST also have 3+ years experience in this role and have worked on marketing funnels, with ecom brands and direct response brands.

You will work directly with Rudy Mawer, a self-made 2x 7 figure business owner by 28 and one of the biggest names in both the fitness AND digital marketing space. The rest of team includes:

  • 8x Developers

  • 4x Marketers/Media buyers

  • 6x Designers

  • 4x Copywriters

  • 5x Exec team/team leads/random roles

You could be the person we’re looking for if you meet ALL of these other key areas:

  1.  At least 3 years’ experience with high level tech/website building platforms listed above and also understand the online marketing world.

  2. Be able to juggle 100s of tasks and fast paced changing hourly.

  3. Done your research on, and Rudy Mawer and excited to be in this sort of culture (Must watch videos on CAREERS PAGE)

  4. Must understand all aspects of digital marketing at a basic level and how it relates in tech.

  5. Used to Monday, Asana, Trello, etc. or similar project management tools and be able to run 100s of tasks error free, even when working overtime as needed and long days and feeling overwhelmed.

  6. Have basic entrepreneurial traits, including high-level logical thinking and problem solving.

  7. You must be committed to this and treat it like your own full-time business.

The position is full-time 40+ hours and the idea is you will be working with our head of tech, project manager and CEO Rudy in office.

Summary Details:

Start Immediate

Hours: Full Time 40+ Hours

Term: Long Term, 1-2 years or more


Fill in your details and we’ll get back to you in no time.