For Guaranteed Business Growth, Call Now: 813-723-4274

For Guaranteed Business Growth, Call Now: 813-723-4274

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Introducing The Best Mastermind & Coaching Program On The Planet!


For New Entrepreneurs Serious About Growth or Experienced 6 & 7 Figure Business Owners Wanting To Go To The Next Level, Faster, Under One Of The World's Top Experts

Seth 2

1-1 Roadmap Call with Lead Strategist


Live High Level Weekly Group Call with Rudy


Guaranteed ROI
on Your Investment


3 Live Events
Per Year


Dedicated Weekly 1-1 Coach You Meet on Zoom With a Small Group


Access to Rudys Whole Team For 1-1 Calls - Copy, Tech, Design, Sales, Ads, Funnels, Email, Data


Over $30,000 of Rudy's Courses, Legal Contracts, Hiring Templates, SOPs and More


Networking with Celebs, Sharks from Shark Tank & Top Experts


Rudy's Elite 
Marketing Team

NET promoter SCORE


Net Promoter Score is used by Corporate America and Fortune 500 Companies to measure success of a business. A score of over 40 is classed as world-class, our Mastermind is ranked at 80 – likely one of the top 5 in the world.

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There is no way you would EVER get as far without his help as you would with his help. Thousands are cool but his goal for you is millions – no joke.

Yusuf Varzideh- Founder, Team Dream Body

Verified Mastermind Member
Do it! I have doubled my biz in two weeks and changed my life and time management. Go for it!

Anonymous Survey Response

Verified Mastermind Member
This mastermind has enabled me to grow and scale the business to nearly double our monthly income in only 3 months.

Wade Foster - Operations Manager, The Cover Model Academy

Verified Mastermind Member
(Doing it alone) would take you at least twice as long and you would probably spend 10x the money fine tuning your ads.

Sara Giacobbi- Founder, Untethered

Verified Mastermind Member
Your business would never be as streamlined, complete, or scalable alone vs having Rudy help you.

Yusuf Varzideh- Founder, Team Dream Body

Verified Mastermind Member
You can go from not having a product or a business or little to no marketing skills, to becoming a money maker for yourself and your business.

Djedjy Hill- Founder, Marvahlous

Verified Mastermind Member
If you’re serious about making your business successful, Rudy and his team and going to help you make that happen.

Carol Mortarotti Mason - Founder, Side-Hustle Business Plan

Verified Mastermind Member
It’s a scary jump but you’ll make your money back within the time of investment & keep everything else you make in the future.

Dale Parducci - Founder, Parducci Fitness

Verified Mastermind Member

Hear from dozens of happy members and business owners.

How the mastermind guarantees results

The Mastermind Is A Personalized, Action-Based Coaching Program Where You’ll Meet Each Week With The Team And Receive Specific Action Steps To Help Scale Your Business…

Step 1

Business Audit

You’ll receive a detailed questionnaire that asks strategic questions about your business, your products and services, your audience, your challenges and your goals.

Step 2

Small Group Onboarding Strategy Session With LEAD STRATEGIST

Your marketing coach will dive into your business during your onboarding call, ask probing questions, and identify the easiest ( and quickest) way to hit your goals over the coming 12 months.

Step 3

Receive Your 12 Month Roadmap

We’ll review your call with Rudy and create a 12 month roadmap document that will act as a guide for you as you progress through the mastermind. You’ll also receive your immediate action steps – which can often lead to instant breakthroughs.

Step 4


You’ll get access to a private Discord chat specifically for you and the other 9 members in your group & Rudy. This is in addition to gaining access to a Mastermind-only Facebook group where you can network with ALL the Mastermind members.

PLUS – We’ll determine the 3 Mastermind members (across all groups) that will be your potential best connections – and introduce you – to help you network, grow and reach your goals faster.

Step 5

Monthly 1-1 Coaching with the Team


Join Rudy live each month for a group training call where he addresses your questions. Then join the team weekly for a live call, where you update on your achievements and any challenges you’re facing. We will then ask specific questions and give you 3 key actionable steps for the next week.   

Step 6

Ongoing Expert Support

You also get 24 personal calls to use whenever you like over the coming 12 months, with any member of Rudy’s expert marketing team. From copywriters, to tech experts, to Facebook ad specialists… we’ve got your back every step of the way.

Step 7


Attend three live events over the year, in Florida. (You can also stream these events live, if you can’t make it.) These are intensive, intimate events with Rudy, the team and some very special guest speakers. And with small attendance numbers, you’re guaranteed to get lots of personal attention. 

PLUS – When you attend, Rudy will personally select your “Top 3 Connects” at the event, along with the reasons he feels you should connect with them.

Step 8

Big roi with guaranteed results

The Mastermind is simple. We work together for 52 weeks and meet every single week on Zoom. You’re given three key strategies to implement each week to help scale your business. As mentioned earlier, if you don’t make back at least your investment, we’ll refund the difference. (Terms & Conditions apply, learn more here.)

Step 9


Rudy has already partnered with some great Mastermind businesses. If your business meets our investment criteria – and you’re interested in discussing formal equity partnership – you may receive a letter of intent to start negotiations.

The benefits of full partnership with Rudy are immense. They include working 1-1 with Rudy and the team monthly/weekly/daily, private weekends planning strategy, leveraging Rudy’s rolodex network, capital injection and more.

And with existing partnerships with business giants including Kevin Harrington, and other celebs. A full partnership with Rudy could open the door to incredible growth opportunities and potentially even 8, 9 or 10 figure exits.

(Please note hotel, food, activities and flights not included.)

Step 10

Have The Chance To Get Featured On Rudy’s Latest TV Show!

If you don’t know already, I’ve launched a TV show. 

On the show I interview entrepreneurs and take a deep dive into their business, financials, and offer support and guidance. 

The goal of the show is to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own businesses and side hustles. 

By joining our Mastermind Program, you’ll have a chance to get featured on the show and gain massive publicity for your brand! 

The show will be featured on Amazon™ Prime and will also be promoted to my audience. So, it’s a fantastic opportunity to get in front of a BIG and LUCRATIVE audience! 

Small Group Drop-In Calls To Get Help On Every Area Of Your Business

Time & Date



11:30PM EST

Money Mondays

Marketing strategies and tips for getting your offers to SCALE. Learn about ads and funnel optimization, industry trends, and more! The session ends with an open Q&A so make sure to come to the call with your marketing questions! 



12:30PM EST

Tech Tuesdays

Whether you need help connecting a ClickFunnels checkout page, or tips on how to set up an email automation, Darren can help you overcome all your tech-related woes.



Scaling Youtube™ & Google™ Ads

Discover what’s working right now when it comes to running ads on Youtube™ and Google™. Stay bang up-to-date with any changes and current best practices.


12:30PM EST

Marketing Thursdays

Different team members, from all areas of our business will come prepared with valuable training from their personal areas of expertise. You’ll gain valuable insight that will help you manage and scale your business.



High Ticket Sales Coaching

Learn high ticket closing secrets from our top sales closer. If your business relies on sales calls to close high ticket deals, this is a call you cannot afford to miss.



Facebook™ Ads Q&A

Get personalized help with the current best practices and get specific advice to help you optimize and scale your ad account, with one of our top media buyers.

Hear from dozens of happy members and business owners.

inner-circle: testimonials
inner-circle: testimonials

Take a sneak peek into our live events

Plus, Access to all past mastermind event recordings & live streams if you can't make a future event!

Here's A Peak Inside The Mastermind Events & What Members Think:

You have the possibility of joining a group of genius minds.

Djedjy Hill- Founder, Marvahlous

Verified Mastermind Member

The Only Mastermind I Know Where Your Success Is Guaranteed*

I know I can add immense value to your business, and I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.

I guarantee if you follow the instructions and implement everything we discuss on the live calls, you’ll make at least your investment in this mastermind back in the first 12 months, or I’ll personally refund the difference.

Of course, we’re aiming far higher than that, but I want to do as much as possible so signing up to the mastermind is a complete no-brainer.

* Participation conditions apply and will be disclosed

Why Rudy’s Mastermind Is Unlike Anything You’ve Experienced In The Past

So if you’re ready to move past the “passive learning” experience you get with run-of-the-mill training programs, and you’re ready to take massive action on the needle-moving tasks that I set for you each week…

The Mastermind is probably for you.

However, it isn’t for everyone.

Prerequisites For Membership

Because I offer such a strong guarantee, and because I’ll be investing a lot of time and energy into helping you every week, there are a few conditions to entry.

Book in with our team and see if the mastermind is a fit for your business

“I received a year’s worth of value in the FIRST call!”

So what do you think… Are you ready to be the next success story?

If so…


Hear What Some Of Our Mastermind Members Are Saying:

How would working with the CEO of Pier 1 Imports and his team accelerate your results?

Joe Diroma - Founder, The Successful Male

Verified Mastermind Member

There is no way you would EVER get as far without his help as you would with his help. Thousands are cool but his goal for you is millions – no joke.

Yusuf Varzideh- Founder, Team Dream Body

Verified Mastermind Member
Absofu**inglutely do it, you will not regret it!

Anonymous Survey Response

Verified Mastermind Member

Joining this mastermind is allowing me to build the future I want for my family…don’t let your future family down by not investing in this mastermind.

Wade Foster - Operations Manager, The Cover Model Academy

Verified Mastermind Member
The possibilities are endless; it’s actually insane.

Djedjy Hill- Founder, Marvahlous

Verified Mastermind Member
You are missing the best opportunity to be successful in your life!

Noy Burris - Founder, Dog Lovers Centre

Verified Mastermind Member
Just do it. Not deciding will cost you 10x of the cost of saying yes today!

Andrew Leedham - Founder, Unstoppable Self Confidence

Verified Mastermind Member
Your success becomes his success, and he’s walking the walk, so you can model him.

Djedjy Hill- Founder, Marvahlous

Verified Mastermind Member
I don’t typically make recommendations for programs because everyone is usually all talk, no action… and we’ve been so impressed with everyone on the team.

Art Aughey - Co-Founder, Happily Evolving

Verified Mastermind Member
Believe me, just do it. It can change your life!

Anonymous Survey Response

Verified Mastermind Member
Between all of their expertise and support every area is covered.

Carol Mortarotti Mason - Founder, Side-Hustle Business Plan

Verified Mastermind Member
I’d say if you want to be the best at what you do you need to hire the best.

Dale Parducci - Founder, Parducci Fitness

Verified Mastermind Member
If you want to scale your business, the MM is going to provide you the right strategy.

Alex Obradors - Founder, Santa Clara International School

Verified Mastermind Member
You need to place yourself in the company of those who are a) on the same path and b) are beyond where you are currently.

Anonymous Survey Response

Verified Mastermind Member
If you can be consistent and are prepared to listen then it’s worth the investment.

Jonathan Allen - Founder, Paragon Financial Planning

Verified Mastermind Member
If you are prepared to put in the hard work, be accountable to your business and growth, then you will see success with this program.

Sue Mysko - Founder, Studio SBX

Verified Mastermind Member
It’s worth it if you are willing to put the work in yourself

Faraz Ahmed - Founder, Time To Zero

Verified Mastermind Member
Just do it, you will make it back faster you might think.

Valentino Vanyi - Founder, Valentino Vanyi

Verified Mastermind Member
You can either take your best guess, or get support and get guidance along the way.

Anonymous Survey Response

Verified Mastermind Member

Here’s A Recap Of What You Get When You Join Rudy’s Mastermind

Small Group Onboarding Strategy Session With LEAD STRATEGIST

Your marketing coach will dive into your business during your onboarding call, ask probing questions, and identify the easiest (and quickest) way to hit your goals over the coming 12 months. 

Customized 12 Month Road Map

Then, I’ll meet with my team and we’ll work to create a 12 month Scaling Blueprint for your specific business and goals. You’ll get that emailed to you, print it out, as it’s your new road map to success.

Weekly 10 Person Action Calls

You’ll be part of the small 10 people group on zoom sessions every week where we’ll answer questions and help you work through any challenges live. We purposely limit these calls to 10 people to ensure everyone gets some undivided attention.

Calls Implementation Coach

You’ll also meet with my Implementation Coach every 2 weeks to keep you on track, and spend more 1-1 time on the business. At any point, you can swap one of these calls with anyone else on my team of 70 elite staff (See point below).


You’ll also have access to any of my team when you need them to get questions about Media Buying, Tech, or Marketing answered. Want to meet with my copywriter? Book in with my world-class copywriters. Need some help with the guy who runs my website and tech integration? Book in and get it done live on zoom. Want to speak to the media buyer who helps run my ads? I’ll make the intro… Everyone’s there to help you succeed.


You’ll have access to me and my team inside our private Group where you can meet, chat daily, hang with other members and share your wins!


Plus, I’ll be inviting you to 3 live events in-person meetings over the course of the year where you can work with me one-on-one during your visit.



We will also be hosting “drop in” coaching zoom rooms with me and the team, almost twice every day. Yes, you read that right… 9-10 coaching calls per week for a whole year. They cover: tech, FB ads, audit & live screen shares, copy reviews, design reviews, YT ads, Google ads, Ecom, High Ticket Sales, Pixel Magic + more (Includes all replays).


Your network is your net worth, right? My network is pretty incredible, and you’ll get access to it as needed to solve specific issues or tasks.


If you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best. I know the best, and they’ll be popping in to train you over the year.

Plus the best part...unlike all other masterminds:


We keep it in small groups of 10 so you get more personal attention, when you meet live every week. 

This allows us time to dive into your business and highlight three key action steps each week, tailored to YOUR specific business. 

You’ll be in the same group for the entire year. You’ll make new friends, support each other and make powerful connections. 

Every person will add value, not just me – all 10 of you will grow and become unstoppable together over the next 12 months.

To be clear, this program is by invitation only as you’ll be in a small group of 10 people per group

We Asked Existing Members What They’d Say To Someone Thinking Of Joining The Membership...

*All results stated above are not typical, and do not imply you’ll duplicate them. There is no assurance you’ll do as well


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How To Be A Guru & Expert In Your Space

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Landing a Guaranteed TedX Stage

Landing a Ted X stage is MAJOR credibility for your brand, in this training system Tyler reveals his exclusive and secret step by step method to (almost) guarantee a Ted X stage for you in as little as 90 days. This system is normally a $15,000 buy in, but, in this training he reveals the entire roadmap for our mastermind members.

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