Grab Your Ticket Now Before They Are All Gone:

Grab Your Ticket Now Before They Are All Gone:



We Will Write Your Ads & Social Media Posts
We Will Design Your Ads & Social Media Posts
We Will Launch Your Ads & New Social Media Strategy 
We Will Show You How To Scale Your Ads & Add Thousands Of New Followers

We Deliver On Our Promise Or
Your Money Back 
PLUS I’ll Pay You $250 Towards Your Travel Costs

In Two Days We’ll Do More Together For Your Social Media Presence & Advertising Efforts Than You’ll Probably Do In A Year!
You’ll Learn How To Have A Major Presence On All Major Social Media Channels!
Plus, You’ll Learn How to Drive More Leads, Sales & Revenue From Advertising!

From: Rudy Mawer
Miami, Florida

Dear Business Builder,

The first time we held Level Up Your Ads LIVE in May of 2022 in Clearwater, Florida it was a massive success.

It SOLD OUT and our offices were packed with eager entrepreneurs and since then we’ve done multiple events. 

When we held it for a second time in March 2023 we almost had double the amount of entrepreneurs in the building.

And now back by popular demand…

This time in Miami, Florida…

You have the opportunity to join me (Rudy) and my team of expert marketers, copywriters, designers, and media buyers…

And get our help to start building a thriving social media presence and get your ads to finally convert. 

This is your personal invitation to join us.

Every entrepreneur I meet wants to know how to go viral on social media, build a massive following and get their ads profitable.
But with rising ad costs and everyone wanting to be a social media influencer, this isn’t an easy task. 

There are plenty of entrepreneurs who have great content, but get no eyeballs or attempt paid ads but don’t continue because of poor ROI!

The truth is… It’s getting harder and harder to make it online, to grow a big social media following like I have or to spend millions on paid ads profitably like I do. 

You have a world-class team like ours build your social media strategy, hook, offer, guarantee and all those key elements from the ground up.
During Level Up Your Ads & Socials LIVE my team and I will write, design and launch your new social media and ads strategy (while you’re at the event!)… 

We’ll work with you 1-1 to make sure your social media strategy, positioning statements, offer and hook are perfect to scale organically and with ads. 

This is everything I’ve learned from spending over $200,000 per day for major celebrities profitably and gaining 1.5 million social media followers.

Right now, across all our celebrity partners, we control over 100 million followers on social media. 

We know what works and what doesn’t, and we’re helping hundreds of thousands of businesses grow their social media presence and scale their ads successfully. 

This is your chance to show for a 2 day intensive and leave with the exact plan you need to be successful online. 
Don’t Pass On This Opportunity To Finally Start Going Viral On Social Media, Building A Brand, Building A Tribe, Building An Online Presence & Getting Your Ads Profitable!

WARNING: This Is NOT A Passive, Sit-Back-And-Learn Event!

This Is An Action-Driven WORKSHOP Where You Leave The Event With Your Ad Campaign Live, Your Social Media Strategy In Place & Maybe Already Making Sales!

It’s not like other events where you sit in a crowd of hundreds or even thousands of people, where the speakers are out of reach.

There’s no ra-ra or a bunch of disjointed presentations on various subjects.

This is an intimate workshop in MY NEW OFFICE IN MIAMI, where you and I (and my team) can discuss and work on your business 1-1. 

The focus is 100% on getting your social media strategy, offer, hook and ad campaign to a world-class level.
  • You have my top copywriters and designers creating your social media strategy, branding and ad campaign…
  • ​​My top media buyers launching the campaign for you…
  • ​And my tech and data experts will be in the office to help with any of the tracking or other tech-headaches we all face.
These two action-packed days are exactly what your business needs to help you scale over the next 12 months.
Take A Sneak Peak Inside One Of Our Previous Live Events
Here’s The Agenda To Help You Level Up Your Ads And Scale Them
Your 4 Week Roadmap
Imagine being able to hop on a live call with a marketer or copywriter on my team for 4 weeks. How valuable would that be for your business?


When you attend Level Up Your Ads & Socials LIVE, it’s NOT just a 2 day event and then we forget about you. 

After the event ends, you get 4 weeks of further live virtual training to help you scale your ads and grow your social media presence. 

This first session outlines the big picture and your 4 week roadmap to follow after the event ends.
How To Go Viral On Social Media
Being able to go viral on social media is the secret sauce to gaining an “unfair advantage” over your competition.

By doing so, you’ll gain a ton of eyeballs, followers, leads and sales without any cost.

We’ve cracked the code to being able to create viral hooks, viral headlines and viral topics that you can copy to go viral on social media.

Plus, we’ve already done the trial and error and testing so you don’t have to.

Just copy our proven strategies. 
Massive Profits Via Social Media 
In the past year, we doubled down on our organic strategies to scale our business as well as paid ads. 

The results have been mind-blowing!

Now our Instagram is growing between 30,000-100,000 new followers per month and we're making even more than that in additional revenue.

Just imagine if you could get your social media growing like crazy, gaining thousands of new followers and getting tens or even hundreds of thousands of eyeballs on your videos and posts!

Plus, imagine doing all that and getting a 5-10x ROI on the ad spend by doing so.

Yes, that’s correct. 

We’re literally getting paid to grow our social media following and grow our account by tens of thousands of followers every single month using our groundbreaking social media strategy.

Imagine what that would do to your revenue and your business!

You’re going to leave the weekend feeling confident on your social strategy for the first time in your entire life. 
Advanced Avatar Deep Dive
If your offer and social media is going to be world-class, you need to think about your avatar (aka: ideal customer) in a new way.

We’ll guide you through our advanced avatar methodology, to help you identify what your target market truly cares about.

Many people make the mistake of not identifying the exact needs and wants of their audience. 

Getting this right can make or break your campaign and your ability to grow your social media following. 
The Irresistible Offer, The Hook & The Guarantee
Once you’re armed with the advanced avatar information, we’ll help you tweak the way you position your offer.

We’ll help you transform your current offer into an irresistible offer that makes it hard for your avatar to say no to.

If this part is wrong, even the best ads in the world will fail.

That’s why we will help you nail your hook, offer and guarantee, before we launch your new ad campaign for you.
The 10-Step Funnel Checklist
Next on the agenda is going through your landing pages, funnels, emails, and social media, to make sure everything is set up properly, to maximize the effect of your new ads.

We don’t want you to waste money and get bad results from your ads.

This is a safety net that will quickly identify any areas you need to improve before we launch your ads. This is the same checklist my team and I go through to get such amazing results in my own business.
Getting The Ads Ready To Launch
When you sign up to attend the live event, you will immediately fill in an onboarding document, so my team can start working on the ads before you even arrive at the event.

Once we have helped you improve your hook and offer, any minor tweaks to the ads can be completed, so the ads can be launched.
Networking Opportunities
During the day, we’ll arrange networking sessions, so you can get to know the best people to connect with.

Like-minded entrepreneurs just like you!

You’ll also have the opportunity to network when we take a lunch break and after the day ends at self-arranged networking group dinners.

We’re very close to the beach and there are plenty of dining options to get together with the other attendees.

It’s at these dinners when potential new partnerships are forged. 

As the saying goes: your network = your net worth.
Hear From Previous Live Workshop Attendees
Launching The Ads
Congratulations, it’s now time for my team to launch the ads for you.

Our media buyers will be ready to set up the ad campaigns and get the ads live for you.

They’ll audit your account, optimize it and set up the new campaign the right way.

This will give you a campaign that you can model for future ad campaigns, safe in the knowledge you are following the best practices every single time.
Data Tracking And Reading The Data
Now the ads are live, you need to know how to measure their performance.

We’ll show you the best way to track the ad data, the important KPIs to measure performance against, and most importantly - how to make decisions based upon the data.

Every decision you make should be guided by the data, so establishing your KPIs and staying on top of the numbers will prove to be critical to your success.
Split Test & Optimization Masterclass
We’ll teach you all of the different ways to split test your ads and your landing pages, to help improve the key metrics, including conversions, CTRs and more.

The main type of split test will be based around the hooks you use to advertise your offer. But you can also split test ads around the audiences, the campaign types, style of creatives and more.

By the end of this session you will understand the importance of keeping your split tests focused on one thing. You never want to split test multiple variables at the same time.

And you’ll have the skills needed to help boost your return on ad spend (ROAS).
Scaling Your Winning Ads
The beauty of having an irresistible offer is it makes it easier to scale Facebook™ ads successfully.
You’ll see how to take a winning campaign and stretch it out, to maximize the number of leads and sales you generate from your ads. 

Ads can be scaled vertically, in terms of increasing ad spend…

And they can also be scaled horizontally, where you take winning ideas and create new variations of the campaigns.

These are the secrets most “gurus” don’t share, but we do things differently, because we want you to succeed.
More Networking Opportunities
During lunch, there will be time to unwind and chat with all your new friends as you bond over food.
Having the opportunity to expand your network is one of the overlooked benefits of attending live events such as this.

The type of people who make the effort to come to these events are the type of people who take action and get things done.

When you meet people face to face, get to know each other personally, it strengthens your connection and can lead to otherwise impossible partnerships and collaboration in the future.

We encourage you to make dinner arrangements to meet up with key individuals for a meal after the event ends.
How To Use AI In Your Social Media & Your Ads 
We’re now using AI to create best-selling books, viral posts, high-converting ads, emails, sales pages, VSLs and everything in between.

While most entrepreneurs are still clueless when it comes to AI…

My team and I have been in the trenches testing and tweaking to discover EXACTLY what works and what doesn’t. 

Imagine whipping up viral posts, video scripts and high-converting ads in just minutes, without an expensive copywriter or agency.

Yes, AI can help you cut costs, save time and boost your conversions and social media presence. 

Plus, we’ll show you how to create a social media calendar to run all this like clockwork. 
Q&A Wrap Up
For the last hour, we open the floor to a no-holds-barred question and answer session.
You’ll already have had ample opportunity to ask Rudy and the team a ton of questions over the course of the weekend as we collaborate with you over the entire weekend.
This final session is for any last minute questions that may have come up during the hours of this action-packed weekend.

Congratulations, you made it to the end.
And you’ve achieved more in just 2 days than you probably achieved in the last 12 months, when it comes to scaling the possibilities for your business.
4 Weeks Of Complimentary Live Coaching And Support AFTER The Event Ends
Where most events are a one-and-done affair, this is different.

For 4 full weeks after the event ends, you get access to live group coaching calls.

You can join me (Rudy) live on Zoom every Monday for 4 weeks... 

Plus you get two more live weekly calls with my team of marketers, copywriters and media buyers.

You can ask questions live on each call, to help you get the support to scale your ads and grow your social media following. 

And you also get access to a private Facebook group for added support and additional networking opportunities.
Plus Your Chance To Win A Full Year Of Coaching From Rudy And The Team 
(Worth $5,000)

Are you up for the challenge?
To spice things up even more and unleash your competitive spirit…
The person who generates the most sales from their ads in the 4 weeks following the event…

Will win an entire year of coaching, worth $5,000.
So be ready to take action…

Put all of your new skills and assets into high gear…

And see how many sales you get in 4 weeks.
Think About This For A Moment…
You’re about to get access to my copywriters, designers, media buyers, marketers, tech experts and ME…

For a whole TWO DAYS!

Hiring a marketing consultant to dial in your offers and grow your social media following isn’t cheap. I’m talking about someone who’s at least sold 7-figures online.

Just last month we paid two different marketing experts (each with a very particular set of skills) $1k and $2k - PER HOUR.
Guess what? 

It was worth every single penny, but I get that not everyone has a budget like that.

How about an investment in a copywriter

If you want one with a track record of writing high-converting ad copy, that could be anywhere from at least $75 to $500 per hour.

Then there’s the media buyer… 

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who’s managed over $10k per month who can prove they made a PROFIT (Remember: it’s your hard-earned money at stake).

My team and I manage $300-500K every single month for all our front end offers, partner brands, celebrities, and performance marketing agency (ROI Machines)...
And we make every penny back and then some.

Then you’ve got to find designers who understand direct response.

Here’s the thing… Designers make pretty designs. 

The problem is PRETTY doesn’t always sell.

Our designers understand their work MUST amplify the copy, build trust and ultimately… 

Drive traffic to YOUR checkout page. 

Top UPWORK™ designers start at $50 per hour.
Finally, you need the right TECH team. We’ve interviewed 79 developers in the Clearwater and Tampa area in the past few months - and hired ONLY one.

A tech expert with plenty of 5-star reviews will set you back at least $150 per hour.

Add the cost of hiring all these experts separately and you’re looking at approximately $1,500 per hour.

That’s an accurate figure by the way.

I know because I approve my team’s invoices every month!

Were you to hire your own team for 2 full days (7 hours per day)...

It could end up with a price tag of $20,000 - without the safety net that what they deliver will actually work for you. 

They certainly won’t hang around to make sure you succeed.

Unlike them, everything we do comes with a 100% money-back guarantee - and we work with you an extra 4 weeks to guarantee your success.
So even if Level Up Your Ads & Socials LIVE were priced at $10k it would be a steal.

But it’s not anywhere near that. 

It’s not $6,999…

Not $4,999.

You’ll be surprised to see how affordable it really is.

Take your pick from three different tiers below.

Choose Your Ticket Below Before They Sell Out

We’re building your ads, launching your ads and teaching you how to grow your social media following. 

And we’re making sure the foundations are in place, to give YOU the highest possibility of being successful.

Tickets are limited - not fake scarcity - because the team and I are literally working with you in my office (space is limited).

First come first served, this will sell out.
Grab your ticket for Level Up Your Ads & Socials LIVE below!

There Are Three Ticket Options:

The Standard Ticket gives you everything outlined on this page so far.

The VIP Ticket gives you all of that plus a few extra perks, including dinner with Rudy on the Saturday evening. 

And The Super VIP Ticket is only available for a small group, who will arrive a day early, on Thursday the 16th of November.

If you choose the SUPER VIP TICKET, you will meet with Rudy ahead of the main event and have the opportunity to dive deep into your business, with more focused time and attention to help you improve all areas.

This is exactly the same as the breakthrough sessions Rudy has with his full brand partners and is ONLY for SERIOUS entrepreneurs.

So choose your ticket below and let's make your ads successful over the next year.

(Only Attend In Person)

  • Full Two Day Event In Miami 
  • World-Class Ads & Social Posts Written, Designed & Launched For You
  • Irresistible Hook & Offer Workshop
  • Live 1:1 Help From Rudy & The Team
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Data & Tracking Systems
  • The Ability To Successfully Scale Your Ads
  • Networking Opportunities
  • 4 Weeks Of Coaching After
  • Swag Bag (Only if you attend in person)
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Entry To Win $5000 Coaching



(Only Attend In Person)

  • Full Two Day Event In Miami 
  • Private Networking Lunch Rudy
  • Strengthen Your Business Connections
  • Potentially Forge New Partnerships
  • Raise Your Profile In Professional Circles
  • Get Deeper Insights Into Your Business
  • Photo Opportunities In A Casual Setting
  • Front Row Seats At The Event
  • Ticket Price Can Be Credited Towards Rudy's Mastermind If You Ever Decide To Become A Member

(Equivalent Of A $997 Discount)



(Limited To A Small Group)

  • Full Two Day Event In Miami  
  • Private Dinner & Eveining Session With Rudy and The Team on Saturday, 18th November
  • Small Private Group
  • Meet & Great and Private Photo Opportunities with Special Guests
  • Take a deep dive into all areas of your business with Rudy
  • Usually These Breakthrough Sessions Are ONLY For Brand Partners
  • Receive A Roadmap To Achieving BIG Goals Over The Next 12 Months
  • Over $1,000 in Bonuses and Bonus Courses
  • 10 EXTRA Weeks of Live AI & Social Media Coaching
  • Unlock New Opportunities
  • Ticket Price Can Be Credited Towards Rudy's Mastermind If You Ever Decide To Become A Member

(Equivalent Of A $2997 Discount)



And Remember My Promise To You...

We Deliver On Our Promise Or Your Money Back

PLUS I Pay You $250 Extra

To Put Towards Your Travel Costs

Thanks again for trusting me to be your mentor and guide with your online business.

I can’t wait to meet you at the event and help to add a world-class offer and ad campaign to your business.
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